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The Psychology of Sovereignty

What is Kemetic Science?

Kemetic Science is the analysis of the egyptian texts from the viewpoint of the texts are referring to humyn experiences. The concept of dieties becomes obsolete therefore becoming descriptions of principles and laws. The idea of Kemetic Science is to know that the ancients where setting down ways in which to control the self as well as see the world.

What is the Psychology of Sovereignty?

The Psychology of Sovereignty is something that I created as a step by step process of learning to utilize Kemetic Science in your day to day interactions. This way of viewing the world, yourself, and your interactions becomes something so great as you have the paradigm shift from helplessness to sovereignty.

How does this apply to current day?

There are numerous reasons to why self control can be of benefit in modern day situations. You will be able to be a creator, to be able to create a stimulus from within yourself which is completely independent of any outer situations that induces a state of being inside yourself that can create: positive emotions, positive thoughts.... these things in modern day life will give you a sense of well being as well as ways of dealing with your life in a positive way thereby creating positive actions.

Why have I not heard of this before?

There are many reasons that this specific way of interacting with yourself has not crossed your path before. I have created this system from so much of my studies and experiences. The very foundation of this system is Egyptian. I have what I feel is a unique perspective on what the kemetic people where trying to say through their texts and monoliths. This system has many elements from so many modern day writers that fall right into this system to help a person learn to control themselves in ways that they never thought was possible.

How quickly will I see results?

This is all dependant on the emotional content that you deciede to put into the thoughts that are created from these documents. The emotions that you have built behind the thoughts that you have had previously will have to be overtaken by stronger emotions towards the new thoughts that you are utilizing to re-create yourself. This can be a single epiphany that gives you a paradigm shift stong enough to be a catalyst to create long lasting change or you can be a person that does one thought at a time. Since this program deals strongly with percentages, as long as your percentage of good behavior is increasing you are on the right walk.

Do I need to buy anything?

No. All of the information on this website is offered for free in a form that will allow you to go thought anything and download as you see fit, if you do utilize any of my program, I would like credit for your reproduction however it is not neccisary. I do offer a complete package of my system in printed and cd form of which you can pay for if you would like all of this site in a "Home Format". There are also products of which I am a reseller of I try to keep my prices as close to cost as possible.

The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living